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you will never have any idea how much you mean to me. how happy it makes me to see you smile. how extraordinary my feelings are for you. since the second i saw you something in my head just clicked. at the moment i didn’t know what it was. but now i know. it was my heart getting ready to fill with memories of you and me. that may sound cliche, but i don’t care. i’m in love with you and i don’t care what anyone thinks. i don’t care what people say. it’s the dead honest truth that i want you in my life forever and always. keeping you as mine will always be my top priority. because i think, for once, that i deserve to be happy and you are the only thing that does that; keeps me happy. i look at everything so much differently now that i have you in my life. whenever i look at you i just get this unexplainable feeling and i love it. i said this same exact stuff when i was with my ex. don’t feel so special. sometimes i just like to stare at you in amazement because it still is so unreal how i got someone like you to fall for someone like me. i intend on doing all the things we have planned. i intend on having that wonderful feeling for the rest of time. i intend on waking up to you next to me every morning until the day i die. i intend on being the only one that kisses you. i intend on being the one that is always there for you. and i intend on loving you forever.

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I Have an Addiction to Camel Cigarettes.


I Have an Addiction to Camel Cigarettes.

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